Core PHP Industrial Training course

PHP is a very flexible and powerful language. It has changed the way web pages work, and how users interact with it. PHP professionals are always in high demand. We here at Netparam Technologies Private Limited (IT Division of CDAC ATC Jaipur) provide the students the Concept of PHP which is being required by the Industry. Our developers at NetparamTechnlogies are working on PHP based projects 

PHP Concets

  1. Html
  2. Css
  3. JavaScript
  4. Jquery
  5. Bootstrap
  6. Ajax
  7. API
  8. PHP Core
  9. Database Connectivity

Why Should You Take Core PHP Course?

Core PHP is a server-side scripting language for the web. It is very basic PHP, used to create dynamic web pages. It works without any extra library and so it is very important to learn the concepts of Core PHP to create dynamic web applications. The course also includes the basic concept of MySQL database and you will also learn the connectivity process with PHP and MySQL database.

Core PHP Jobs

Top companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickrand more are all looking to expand their search into this field. At the time of this article, listed over 3000 full-time jobs in PHP with estimated salaries ranging from $60K to $120K per year.

Why us?

At Netparam Technologies (IT Division Of CDAC ATC JAIPUR) , the Training is designed to make you a certified Core PHP. This Core PHP certification training is stepping stone to your Basic knowledge and you will get the opportunity to work on various web and android projects.

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